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Testing Accommodations

Section 504 About the Guidelines and forms for Testing:

The Guidelines for Testing Accommodations Blue Form (TABF)is to be read by, read to and/or explained to any student with a disability who will be receiving accommodation. This form does not include nor identify the students’ disability, but it does includes;

·         Alternate testing environment

·         Date, time and extended time added for addressing the needs of all the students with disabilities requesting testing accommodations.

·         Professors request for: use of any material or not

·         Use of supportive aids

Environment for Testing Accommodations:  Reasonable Accommodations

 As per the ADA testing accommodations should be a separate "distraction-reduced room

A proctor at all times

Use of a computer if your accommodations and/ or professor state it on the blue form

Use of calculator if yours accommodations and/ or professor state it on the blue form



The Guidelines for Testing Accommodations Form: Unreasonable Accommodations

Students are NOT to request unreasonable Accommodations such as:

The home test/exam, unless the entire class is taking the test/exam home

* The only time the test/exam are taken home or sent home is when the student is on bed rest due to

Extend the time for turning in the test/exam double or longer the usual time and half as per CUNY accommodations test extended time

Requesting accommodations to the professor that are not reflective of their disability

Demanding accommodations for a test / exam that are not appropriate for your disability, such as; a calculator when the disability is of a language disorder






                                 Testing Accommodations



  • Students are to register for their accommodations at the Office of Special Services (OSS) at Least a week prior to the testing.


  • Students are to pick up a letter for their professors.


  • Students must notify their professors a week in advance with the letter from the OSS of the accommodations they require.


  • The Professors are to deliver a copy of the test to the Office of Special Services by the day prior to the test.


  • All the students that require testing accommodations will be tested at the Testing Center in Suite Frese Hall 013.


  • All students will have time and a half unless otherwise indicated.


  • A proctor will be with the student throughout the entire testing period.


  • The assistive technology assistant will include the following accommodations when ever applicable:
    • Enlarge a test
    • Braille a test
    • Read the test to the student
    • Present slides for the test


  • If there are too many students testing at the same time, the students will then be placed in another room.


  • Once the student completes the testing, the OSS will deliver the test back to the professor, on the day of the test.


  • The professor or department of subject matter must sign a form stating they received the test back. 


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