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  • “A student having a disability is defined as one whose educational performance is affected by mobility, visual, acoustical, mental health, speech, orthopedic, or alcohol/substance abuse impairment's), learning disability, traumatic brain injury, or other health impairment.”

 Source:  Johanna Duncan-Poitier Deputy Commissioner, (2005) ORIS New York Education Department Office of Higher Education.
 Seeking Help for Special Services

  1. Students must be registered with the Office of Special Services and have provided documentation of an official assessment which provides the identified disability, from a professional individual or assessment center. The documentation presented by the student must be appropriate in order to verify eligibility and to request reasonable and appropriate accommodations. Documentation should consist of:
    1. The documentation MUST be with the past 3 years for acceptance.
    2. Current medical records, diagnosis and a doctor’s letter.
    3. Government issued identification, such as birth certificate, social security card, driver’s license, etc.
  2. Based on documentation, the student receives individualized accommodations such as extra time on tests, note-takers, use of assistive technology, enlarged print, interpreting services, etc.
  • Students that are registered in the Office of Special Services most present their professors/instructors with letter of introduction at the beginning of each semester if they want to receive support services.
  • Each time there is a test, the student is responsible to come into the OSS and obtain the blue sheet or letter to inform the professor that they need to receive accommodation testing arrangements at OSS.
  1. Students requesting personal counseling generally have their own therapist/psychologist.  The Office of Special Services is there to support students while in an academic setting by helping with time management skills, liaison with other campus offices, professors and faculty, and guiding them through school related problems.
  2. Students on probation are requested to meet with their OSS Counselor no less then five times a semester.


2.  Recommendation for Instructional Methodology in working with students with disabilities:

Language Disabilities
This is a disorder of one or more basic psychological processes involved in understanding or in using language, spoken or written, that may manifest itself in as imperfect ability to listen, speak, read, think, write, spell, or do mathematical calculations.

Method/ of Delivery







  • Provide the student with a written copy of the questions that are going to be discussion in the class
  • Explain the requirements of the discussion
  • Provide the student with a method of non-verbal communication for refocusing the student
  • Provide emphasize on key words such as; writing them on board or post the new words, topics, etc.
  • Discussion groups should be small for the participation of all the students


  • Test should be multiple choice, simple sentence structure
  • Time wavered 1 ½ times the regular timing time for the rest of the students
  • Placement of testing is important as well. Students should be reminded to setup testing placement with the Office of Special Services (OSS) a week prior to a test. The OSS has a room for testing
  • Provide the OSS with a copy of the test a week prior to the test being administered. Send or drop off the test in a sealed envelop to the OSS in Kiely Hall 171.

Presentation of coursework

  • Coursework should be presented and modified into small units
  • Assignments should be given and checked before going into the next assignment
  • Immediate, and often praise
  • Allow open book testing whenever possible
  • Provide multiple choice question as soon as possible
  • Present work on various levels of understanding for discussion


  • Provide frequent feedback and develop monitoring system
  • Provide options instead of the classroom presentations
  • Utilize a buddy system as often as possible: matching up a student with strengths that the student with disabilities does not have. They can both work together on the projects, however, the grading would be per student not as a team
  • Provide the option of oral presentations

Office of Special Services for Students with Disabilities
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